Hurricane Mills Hurricane Mills 82547363 The Night was Clear and No Fog was Present We cannot explain the Mist or Fog Present. It was a Clear October Night and The Moon was Full. There was No Mist at All....See the Photo Below taken 30 seconds later. 135594419 82547367 Taken 30 seconds after the first photo. It is CLEAR Photo taken just maybe one minute later. Same location just further back. Its Clear. There were no lights in the area of the Campground by the River. There were a few campfires down below us. 135594422 82547370 Our Friends just a few min later Same Location This Photo was taken of My Fiancee and Our Songwriting Friends in the same location just a few minutes later. Again I took the Photo and it was a Clear Night and my Lens was clear. 135594420 82547378 Took this Photo within 30 seconds of the previous one at #3. It is completely CLEAR 135594421 A Friend took this Photo of Us a couple of minutes later. Using My Same Camera in the Same Area. 135594423 82547403 Coal Miners Daughter Movie BEST MOVIE, EVER. I LOVE IT!! 155214807 Hurricane Mills, Tn. Me standing at the door of the mine. 155214808 Hurricane Mills.,Tn. Inside of the home. 155214809 Hurricane Mills., Tn. My best friend at the mine. 155214810 Hurricane Mills., Tn. Me 155214811 Hurricane Mills Tn. Grounds of the ranch. 82547410 Hurricane Mills., Tn. Grist mill 155215206 Hurricane Mills., Tn. More grounds. 155215207 Hurricane Mills, Tn,. Horses on the ranch. 155215208 Hurricane Mills., tn Loretta Lynn's childhood home. 155215209 Hurricane Mills., Tn Inside Loretta's childhood home. 155215210 Hurricane Mills., Tn. Me in front of Loretta's home. 155373546